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Because You Want to Watch The Best Movies!

As someone who loves watching movies, I understand just how disappointing it can be when you’re already to go to the theaters or spread out on the couch, only to find out that the movie you thought you’d enjoy, sucks. Therefore, I’ve decided to post my opinions of both new and older movies so that you can decide what you want to spend your time on watching.

The Old and New

Not only am I here to review new movies, but I’m here to review movies that I’ve seen a while back. The benefit? You’ll get to see reviews of movies from a wide range of years.

The Good and Bad

As I mentioned, I understand the disappointment of getting excited to watch a movie, only discover that it’s a flop. Therefore, I am dedicated to posting reviews not only about the movies I deem good, but also about the movies I find less than excellent.

Opinions of an Avid TV and Movie Watcher

While not a professional movie reviewer, I have seen a lot of movies and TV shows and in addition, am an independent author.